Is it Legal for Me to Trap a Wild New York Animal?

No, it is not legal; however, in different situations it may be legal. The reason for trapping the New York animal is important to consider first. There are legal ways to trap the animals.

State laws
Countries have laws and rules for New York animal capturing. According to laws in different states, there are the permits required for trapping of the most wildlife species. The property owner can get Removal Permits for trapping the nuisance animal. The permit can be requested from the wildlife department of your district. Wildlife biologist and experts will guide you for the appropriate trapping methods. To get the permit, you need to describe first the potential threats to human safety and property. In California, it is illegal to practice of trapping and replacing the wildlife. Relocation is considered a violation according to state law in California. Licensed trapper only has the permit of releasing the animal at the original spot of a wild animal. Research has demonstrated that above 76% of wild animals are died due to starvation, or cannot adjust in the new environment. Therefore, laws prohibit the animal's removal and relocation without state permits.

Conditions for trapping
-If wildlife is damaging your property such as jackrabbits and New York fox squirrel etc., then trapping is allowed and lawful. To avoid severe harm, they can also be killed. However, accidentally trapped non-harmful species must be immediately liberated. Poison is not authorized for the protected species under state laws.
-Get written consent for releasing or trapping the animals from the area of the landowner.
- Traps must have a number or registration mark from the New York wildlife department. For this, you need to contact the state department to get the number for the specific trap. Trap number is necessary for trapping fur-bearing and other non-game species.
-The trapped animal must be released on-site as soon as possible.
-Trapped wild-mammals must be promptly released or killed. Under safety permits, they can be killed by expert government employees.
-Traps must be tested daily, and also release trapped animals once on daily bases.
-Bird Treaty of migratory New York birds has prohibited the follow, catch, and the trap of birds. Their relocation is not allowed and their nests and eggs cannot be destroyed. You can consult with the U.S Wildlife department for permits.

In the case of state rules violation, trapping license will be canceled. It may also cause punishments, fines, and imprisonment.

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