What to do About a New York Squirrel in the Fireplace?

Getting into your chimney is a piece of cake for the New York squirrels. They can move around the chimney as much as they want. Protection from the outside weather is the main reason for them to sneak into your chimney as it is a small place to hide. But the thing is that it can be very dangerous for the squirrels inside the chimney rather than on the outside. Surely, it is a very warm and dry place for them, but once if they fall inside it, it can be very hectic for them to get out depending on the walls of the chimney from the inside.

• Getting Squirrels Out Yourself
Providing New York squirrels with a way out is the best thing you can do for them. Using a rope is the best the best way to do this as it easy to climb for the squirrels because of its surface. Leave the rope if it doesn’t come out right away as the squirrel may be hesitant. Never try “smoking out” method to get them out because it may make the matter even worse.

• Prevention
Stopping this before it even happens is the easiest way. Chimney caps can be used to keep them out as they are not that expensive and are easy to install. Also, keep an eye on the New York squirrels because if they are roaming around outside the chimney they might get in. so just keep them away before they trap themselves.

• Exit strategy
Most of the times it becomes very difficult to get on the roof or to enable New York squirrels to use the aid provided. So, professionals, that do this all the time, will be more effective here as they have a lot of techniques and equipment that gets the job done fast and easily without causing any kind of damage to the house or any of your property.

• Caution
If you decide to do this yourself, use all cautions and weigh your options very carefully and try not to get startled by the New York squirrels on the roof.

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